Reason for stagnation


Work attitude

When employees have negative attitude towards work they may opt not to put efforts towards professional development.

Worker age

Older workers appear less likely to participate in continual development because of differences in physical/biological, psychological/mental, and social dimensions with younger counterparts due to changes caused by aging.

Reaching the last rank

Reaching a specific level of seniority at the Organization where there is limited chance for higher position.

Lack of confidence

Development training can help individuals increase confidence.

Labor laws, rules, regulations

Employee development procedures within public service, according to the Tanzania Public Service Act. No 8 of 2002, which requires employee to fulfill specified requirement before promotion.

Lack of self-efficacy

Missing capacity to execute behaviors necessary to produce specific performance attainments and hesitation to engage themselves into development activities [12] .

Lack of funding for training

Constrained funding for training is the biggest obstacle in accessing career or professional development.

Lack of time to attend training

Lack of time to attend training courses is an important obstacle, even where funding was available (e.g., due to family and social issues).

Wrong perception

The feeling among employees that the pressures of money and time meant that any new skills that they had to pick had been developed by default.