Employee specific skills

These refer to skills that are possessed by individuals that provide value to the FSL and are not transferable across a variety of firms. Specific skills are of no value to competing firms, for example, the knowledge of how to use a particular technology used only by one firm is not valuable to other firms.

Organization capability

Organization capability to invest in human resources and build positive attitude of an employee towards professional development helps an organization to increase employee competence and gain competitive advantage.

Employees competence

Competence is the ability of an individual to do a job properly. It may also be a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge, cognitive skills, behavior, and state of being adequately or well qualified. Employee competence is a product of professional development, which creates a pool of successors as well as making effective teams throughout the organization, an aspect which is quite necessary for gaining competitive advantage.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is the degree to which employees are fully involved in their work and the strength of their commitment to their job and the organization. Work engagement and commitment in professional service firms like FSL is an important aspect of competitiveness as it leads to higher productivity, better customer service and lower turnover.

Team production

The team production refers to production process in which numerous categories of human resources are used. In a team production individuals become linked in operation and specific relationships, resulting in transaction of specific human capital, involvement in socially complex relationships that are not transferable across organizations.

Human resource systems and practices

The interrelatedness of the human resource system makes it difficult for competitors to identify and copy. This requires investing time and energy into developing systems and structures for integrating various HR practices.