Legal regime



Greek constitution states:

Ÿ “The entire formation of one’s personality, including the right to bear a child” (article 5; par. 1), are protected”

Ÿ “One’s right to live (article 5, par. 2; article 7 par. 2)” is also protected

Ÿ “Abortions are allowed during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy26 (since 1982)

ü In Greek legal system there is the principle that an embryo is a legal person, if born alive.

ü Another principle says that “with the probable course of events an embryo will be born alive”…


The High Court admitted that the right to abort exists


The constitutional Court argued that life exists—and thus it has to be protected-from the moment of the implant of fertilized egg on womb’s wall. This takes place few days after fertilization

The law failed to recognize that the implant of an (eternal) soul27 into a fertilized embryo takes place at the same time as the 2 different sperms meet (at conception). Embryo with no eternal soul is dead, and embryo with no body… is aborted.


Relaxed the absolute prohibition of abortions ruled there by religious rules

El Salvador

A 21-years-of-age-woman, raped, in El Salvador (a Central America country with ~7m people; Catholics), bore a baby dead

She brought to Court accused for murder


An interesting case with zero (?) abortions…