Li & Zhang (2010)

Zhang Guying Village

Social Value, Emotional Value, Cognitive Value, Functional Value

Rasoolimanesh et al. (2016)

Lenggong Valley, Malaysia

Functional Value, Emotional Value, Social Value



Parks &Ecotourism Scenic Spots

Hangzhou Longjing Tea Garden

Cognitive Value, Social Value, Functional Value

Zhao et al.


Xixi National Wetland Park

Service Value, Cognitive Value, Emotional Value, Characteristic Value, Environmental Value, Cost Value, Management Value, Trust Value



Forest Ecotourism Scenic Area

Service Value, Functional Value, Characteristic Value, Brand Value, Educational Value, Emotional Value, Perceived Cost, Environmental Value

Lu et al.


Ski Resort

Yunding Ski Resort in Chongli

Facility Quality Perception, Service Quality Perception, Emotional Value, Monetary Cost Perception, Non-monetary Cost Perception

Liu et al.


Accommodation Industry

Luxury Hotel

Emotional Value, Hedonic Value, Symbolic Value, Functional Value



Economy Hotel

Quality, Economic Cost, Non-Economic Cost, Social Value and Emotional Value



Ecotype Boutique Hotel

Flaunting Value, Unique Value, Functional Value and Self-Value

Fu & Liu


Yangshuo Flower International Youth Hostel

Functional Value, Service Value, Emotional Value, Social Value, Eco-environmental Value

Liang & Jia (2018)

“Ten Thousand Hostel” in Zengcheng of Guangzhou

Emotional Value, Service Value, Convenience Value, Reference Value, Cost Value



B&B in Banan District of Chongqing

Emotional Value, Service Value, Convenience Value, Environmental Value, Reference Value and Functional Value