Tourism Situation



Wang (2018)

Rural Tourist Destination

Tourist Center of Linan Grand Canyon Village, Zhejiang Province

Service Quality, Service Facilities, Architecture and Environment, Functional Value

Scaglione & Mendola


Sicily Agricultural Tourist Area

Functional Value, Convenience Value, Emotional Value, Social Value and Educational Value

Lee et al.


War-related Tourism

South Korea Militarized Area

Functional Value, Emotional Value, Whole Value

Li (2011)

Recreation around Metropolis

Beihai Park, East Lake Scenic Area,

Functional Value, Emotional Value, Cultural Cognitive Value, Economic Value, Situational Value

Wang et al.


Festivals/Festivals/ Cultural Tourism

Shanghai World Expo

Service Value, Convenience Value, Aesthetic Value, Perceived Price, Functional Utility Value, Pleasure Value

Ma & Bao


Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province

Cultural Value, Hedonic Value, Social Value, Service Value, Convenience Value, Situational Value, Functional Value

Zhang & Jia


Festival Tourism

Convenience Value, Service Value, Aesthetic Value, Social Value, Entertainment Value



Japanese Traditional Festivals

Functional Value, Economic Convenience Value, Cultural Cognitive Value, Situational Value, Social Value, Emotional Hedonic Value

Pan (2008)

Cultural Tourism in Qingzhou, Korea

Functional Value, Emotional Value, Social Value, Knowledge Value, Situational Value

Liu (2011)

Historical and Cultural Heritage Sites

Wuhou Temple of Chengdu

Quality Value, Cost Value, Efficiency Value, Service Value, Social Value, Emotional Value, Aesthetic Value, Place Value, Cognitive Value