Major issues/conclusions


Haiquan, 2017 [35]

OBOR is a tool for enhancing China’s open economy.

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Focusing on economic assessment of OBOR. Pointed out some risks regarding implementation.

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Changing of world political paradigm and solving practical problems are main consideration of OBOR.


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OBOR promotes the economic growth that underpins its domestic political stability in China and other partner countries.

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OBOR initiative can solve the problem of over production capacity by exporting its products to neighboring countries along the OBOR geographical region.

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China’s overseas direct investment (ODI), especially whole or majority-ownership mergers and acquisitions, rose significantly in the belt-road countries.

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OBOR initiative is the strong practical and normative link between China’s domestic development and its global orientation.

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International scholars have still debate on the nature of OBOR and major disputed elements of strategy and set of random projects and priorities.

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The OBOR initiatives are a reflection of China’s ascendance in the global arena, economically, politically, and strategically.

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China needs to pay special attention to three issues, namely the supply of public security goods, the interests of the United States and Russia, and the pivot of Pakistan, besides developing its own strength.

Croatian International Relations Review

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Europe is a second order concern for China, and Europe only plays a marginalized role in China’s policy discussion.

Journal of Common Market Studies

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Under China’s Belt and Road (B & R) initiative, Carat Canal, a potential new channel of the Century Maritime Silk Road, will have a great impact on the shipping networks and the evolution of hub ports.

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The OBOR initiative has derived to epitomize China’s growing significance in international affairs, redesigning regional dynamics.


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The idea of a Silk Road(s) contains a history closely entangled with European imperialism is skirted around in the contemporary reworking of the concept into OBOR narratives.

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OBOR will form the backbone of future trade arrangements.

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OBOR includes peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit.


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OBOR covers seven key regions viz. Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Russia, South Asia and South-east Asia.

CSS Analyses in Security Policy