Psychic Self

1. Feeling of diminishing basic self.

2. Perceptual distortion of first person:

2.1. Disorders of initiative or intentionality of thought, impulses, feelings, imaginations.

2.2. Loss of awareness of the continuity of the action itself.

Body Self

1. Morphological changes.

2. Phenomena related to the mirror image.

3. Strangeness of the body self.

4. Disintegration of the body self.

5. Spatialization and anomaly of bodily experiences.

6. Cenesthesic experiences of the body self.

7. Motor changes of the body self.

8. mimetic handling experiences.

9. Threatening feelings due to body contact.

Social Self

1. Confusion with each other.

2. Radical confusion of identity.

3. Feeling of change in relation to chronological age.

4. Feeling of change in relation to gender.

Total Self

1. Decreased sense of presence.

2. Radical feeling of centrality.

3. Hyper-reflexivity.

4. Radical split of the self.

5. Transitivism.

6. Feeling of total annihilation, of disappearance.