Difficult Situation

Possible associated Mode

Experiential technique

Patient refuses to do exposure

Detached or Angry Protector mode


Patient demands certainty and does not want to accept any risk

Demanding and Punitive Parent mode

Imagery work, also with the Healthy Adult, Empathic confrontation or Chairwork

Client is not in contact with his/her emotions

Detached Protector mode

Imagery work or Empathic confrontation

Patient feels extremely guilty for not having acted on a compulsion

Vulnerable Child in response to the Demanding or Punitive Parent

Imagery work or Empathic confrontation or Chairwork

Patient dissociates during exposure or in session

Detached Protector mode or Activation of Vulnerable Child

Empathic confrontation or Chairwork for Detached Protector

Client feels deeply disgusting and fears others’ rejection

Vulnerable Child

Imagery work or Empathic confrontation or Chairwork

Patient feels hopeless

Vulnerable Child

Imagery work

Client continues to act compulsions

Over-controller mode

Empathic confrontation or Chairwork

Patient complains that nothing changes and he/she does not want to do anything more

Undisciplined Child

Empathic confrontation

Client feels he has to do more

Demanding Parent


Patient gets angry towards his/her parents because they pressure him and are demanding

Angry Child mode

Empathic confrontation and limited reparenting