Limited social network


“I only have, I would say, two friends.”

“I don’t really have a close friendship with any friend.”

“(I’ve) been on my own most of the time.”

“I don’t think I make friends easily.”

Lack of personal contact or communication


“I don’t see her that often.”

“We contact each other quite a lot via email and things.”

“Sometimes if I’m wondering if they’re ok I’ll probably just give them a message and see if they’ll get back to me.”

“When she’s home I usually see her or text her a bit.”

Difficulty understanding the concept of friendship


“Umm…I don’t know because I’ve never really had a good friend. But I think a friend would be someone you could talk to.”

“Someone…who’s kind and considerate.”

“A friend…maybe you might want to actually ring your friend, once in a while.”

“I don’t know really…just to go out with someone.”

Focus of attention away from the self


“I don’t really know (what they like about me).”

“You’d have to ask them (what they like about me).”

“(Being a friend) means caring about someone else, taking an interest in them, wanting to spend time with them.”

“She likes French films so we might go to see a French film.”