Environmental program


Programme evaluation

Humpback whale telemetry project (PTBJ)

Operation phase of the project

Evaluate the incidence of acoustic impacts that contributed continuously, in terms of spatial-temporal synergy, of the different seismic research activities on the humpback whale, this project is evaluated with information every 15 days

Marine biota monitoring project, and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM)

Operation phase of the project

Evaluate the results in the activity reports should present an analytical discussion of the visual and acoustical projects; they are evaluated after the execution of the programs (agency evaluation is performed after project completion)

Environmental acoustics modeling project and sound decay in situ verification project

Project operation phase and post-project phase

Evaluate the sound and horizontal dispersion of the acoustic level received by marine biota at different distances and depths (agency evaluation is carried out after completion of the project)

Cetaceans telemetry project

Project operation phase (implemented before, during and after the project)

Assess behavioral patterns of diving, vocalization, and foraging for short-term responses and any changes due to acoustic impact (agency evaluation is conducted after the project is completed)