Lagos State Government

Healthcare facility


Ÿ Fiscal incentives for performing hospitals are the best ways to encourage HCWM at a low cost.

Ÿ Encourage centralized treatment facilities under Build, Operate, Transfer/Build, Own, Operate, Transfer

Ÿ Adopt clustering of healthcare facilities to share costs

Ÿ Choose a low-cost waste management plan and implement it.

Ÿ Institutionalize a recycling system and use the proceeds to fund the overall healthcare waste management system recursively

Policy and Legislation

Ÿ Law or regulation should not be a precondition for healthcare waste management; it should come from the duty of care.

Ÿ Formulate healthcare waste policy and legislation considering other countries' experiences and local needs

Ÿ A healthcare facility-level policy on HCWM should be the correct start.

Ÿ Cooperate with the national government through proactive, rather than hindering, inputs

Ÿ Clear assignment of waste management

Ÿ Responsibilities to personnel

Technology and knowledge management

Ÿ Build capacity of relevant department staff on technical and management topics for HCWM

Ÿ Implementation of HCWM plans

Ÿ Monitoring of HCWM plans

Ÿ Safe and sustainable HCWM technology selection

Ÿ Management of HCWM technologies

Ÿ Raise awareness of staff in handling, safety, and exposure to HCW

Ÿ Conduct periodic induction training for new staff and updates for existing staff

Ÿ Monitor and evaluate waste management activities and their impact

Ÿ Track the progress of HCWM, report the successes, and reward staff