Cooperate in complying with practices of healthcare waste management and, where possible, insist caretakers do so.

Patients’ families and caretakers

Cooperate in complying with healthcare waste management practices and, where possible, insist that nurses and laborers do so.

Healthcare workers

Carry out disease prevention duties (such as cleaning healthcare waste management) consistently and well.

Follow the rules for healthcare waste segregation.

Inform patients and caretakers about in-house practices on waste management.

Cooperate with management and participate actively in achieving and maintaining waste minimization targets.

Healthcare facility managers

Plan and implement healthcare waste management programs to set, achieve, monitor, and maintain targets.

Create incentives for staff and motivate them to meet and maintain targets

Cooperate with top management, convince them and obtain support for healthcare waste management and recycling activities

Health authorities

Provide resources and direction for setting, achieving, and maintaining healthcare waste reduction targets

Publicize good practices of healthcare waste management and arrange for guided visits to poor-performing hospitals

Coordinate peer group meetings to share results of better healthcare waste management practices


Raise awareness in medical schools and other sectors

Provide training for the health sector


Provide and mobilize political and financial support for improvements

National and International Funding bodies

Provide funding for new healthcare waste management programs