Teaching Design


Task 1: Teacher gives students the productive task: Large parts of Canada are recognized as one of the most polluted countries due to its mass oil industry and factories. Imagine you were a representative of the new immigrants; you write to a Canadian councilor to state your views on environmental problems.

Task 2: Students attempt to produce the letters and reflect on their problems in writing a paragraph.

Task 3: Teacher illustrates the sub-object clearly to the students.


Task 1: Students read the article Americans and the Land written by famous American writer John Steinbeck, finding out the main ideas and specific illustrations and examples of each paragraph.

Task 2: Teacher gives students all the related details on whether environmental problems are too big for individuals to solve. Students provide the proper topic sentence for these details.

Task 3: Teacher presents a topic sentence about environmental problems. Students list the specific details related with it.


Task 1: Teacher gives the reference answers. Students make the self-assessment.

Task 2: Peer assessment on the accuracy and completeness of the topic sentence.

Task 3: Teacher-students collaborative assessment on paragraph unity and coherence.