Teaching Designs


Task 1: Teacher gives students the productive task: assuming you would attend a speech contest in your college, entitled “What should we do when the aging society comes?”

Task 2: Students attempt to produce the speech draft and reflect on their language gaps.

Task 3: Teacher illustrates the sub-object clearly to the students.


Task 1: Students read the article The View from 80 from American writer Malcolm Cowley, underlie the words and expressions about the aged and look up the English interpretations and usages in the dictionary.

Task 2: Teacher provides some simple sentences concerning the old people according to the article. Students extend the sentences using modifiers to make these sentences rich in meanings and structures.

Task 3: Focusing on the topic of the aged society, students make the sentences using the vocabulary and sentences in task 1 and task 2 one by one, making sure they are related into a whole part.


Task 1: Students’ self-assessment on the proper interpretation in the article.

Task 2: Peer assessment on the sentences from the meaning and structures.

Task 3: Teacher-students collaborative assessment on the sentences about the old people from diction, sentence unity and sentence coherence.