1. The apical distance of Branch type 1 was measured from the tip of the branch to the last leaf (Figure 1). The section of 15 cm from the tip of Branches type 2 was considered since its total apical distance was greater than 50 cm, involving a lot material.

2. The leaves from each branch were removed from stems to measure the internodal distance (distance between the position of the leaves on each steam).

3. To observe the leaves and their structures (veins and trichomes) monocular stereoscope (40X).

4. The outline of all the leaves of each branch was drawn with pencil on paper millimeter and baking paper was well.

5. To count the number of squares of 1mm occupied by the leaves draw of each branch

6. To cut out the leaves that were drawn on the banking paper, put in the plastic bags identified with the marker pen.

7. To weight a square of 5 cm × 5 cm (25 cm2) of banking paper to calculate the leaf area of each branch through the rule of three (the method of finding the fourth term in a proportion when three terms are given), using a precision balance (0.01 g).

8. To weigh each group of leaves belonging to each branch, using a precision balance (0.01 g).

9. To answer only the no. 3 and 6 listed in Table 2 after the practical activity.

10. To perform extra activities at home to answer the others 10 questions (1 ? 2, 4 - 5, 7 - 12) listed in Table 2.