flipped classroom

serious game

Pedagogical criteria

・ Learning type

・ Expected benefits on the side of learners: motivation and satisfaction

・ Expected benefits on the side of the teacher:

・ Role of the learner

・ role of the teacher

・ Features

Interactive learning and collaborative

-The Use of different forms of course materials is beneficial: re-meet the expectations of all students

-Using Evalbox is useful for self-assessment by learners and to allow each student to follow his pace of learning (have an always available support)

-Need a commitment on the part of the learners for the successful-face session (they must have completed the distance learning): Learning actor of his learning

-Teacher can better target-face to face learning during the session

-Change the role of the teacher (tutor, facilitator)

-Estimated training a little difficult

Custom interactive learning and relevant

-The contribution of the student is substantial in terms of motivation, satisfaction, better understanding, better conditions for learning and enthusiasm.

-For the teacher, it allows him to innovate, raise the interest of learners and promote their learning.

-Change the role of the learner becomes active and leading actor of his apprenticeship wearing the cap of a player seriously motivated and having the opportunity to train and evaluate themselves with a custom pattern in its capabilities and performance

-The changing role of the teacher (designer and companion in the discovery phase of the game)

-Playfulness training

Technical criteria

・ Tools and platforms used for learning and for the evaluation

・ Technical problems

-Espace and Evalbox

-Possibilities of technical problems

-The non-appropriation of the tools used can be a problem learning hence the need for handling phase


-Possibility of internet connection of technical problems since the game is hosted in the cloud.

Organizational criteria

・ distribution presence/distance

・ Additional workload

・ Human resources in terms of roles and volume.

-Alternating between the face-to-face and computer-mediated learning can complete the training by reviewing the most difficult points and misunderstood by learners at home

-The constitution of the team promotes collaborative work nevertheless its composition cannot be randomly (by affinity learners)

-Learning with BD-GAME is performed in and/or out of the classroom

with or without the accompaniment of the teacher

-The workload is tolerable

-The training is flexible in terms of schedules selected

-In tutorials and practical work, the vocation is done in groups of learners