Question: Has the discipline caused impacts in your professional training and in the way you see the concrete reality?



E2―It greatly changed my views on education, and it made me see the political aspects that are involved in school dynamics, which remain deeply rooted in schools.

E3―I became confident enough to discuss issues related to education.

E7―In the social aspect, including on the way I see my own difficulties and the ones of other people.

E11―I started understanding better the way I myself learn, and how the educational process involves more variables than the ones which are easily measured.


E4―It made me reflect further on my future action as a teacher.

E8―It was extremely important to improve my knowledge and to help me create a critic stance in regards to the current school system.

E12―In the pedagogical view from schools, and mainly in my personal view of learning and of the work to teach other human beings.

E15―I believe that not only in my academic training, but also in my personal life, as the knowledge I acquired in the discipline is not part of me and of the way I see the concrete reality. Getting to know the development theories, and the ones regarding the relationship between learning and development has changed, and it still changes my actions and reflections before reality. More specifically on my academic training, the discipline contributed in a way that I now know the importance of learning concepts that were culturally and historically learned in my development. I become human as I appropriate the concepts that were created by men throughout History, which are (and need to be) taught to all human beings even today. So now I give learning more importance.