Question: What is the evaluation instrument that you see as the most proper to analyze learning?



E3―The portfolios, as they demand continuous work to be concluded. That way the relationship with the contents is one of work and re-reading, and not one that simply regards to exposure.

E5―The portfolio, as it shows knowledge under evolution, where there are changing opinions and changing understanding of concepts from a portfolio to another.

E12―The portfolios, as, in order to do them, I would have to read the texts and then further read about the subject.


E4―The portfolio, as it considers a “more complete” activity. It allows, for example, a deeper comparison between lectures (through notes taken at classes) with the texts that are used in the classes.

E8―The portfolio. Because it allowed me to follow my learning during the class period.

E11―I believe the portfolio contributes to my learning process when it put me through constant study activities. In other words, as the portfolio comprises activities that are performed throughout classes, I needed to do them throughout the discipline with dedication, commitment, and perseverance. In that sense, I learned many things throughout the classes, which contributed to my development.

E15―The portfolio. Because it is gradually built, unlike tests, which are taken at a single time, which may generate anxiety, making the construction of thinking difficult.