Question: Was there a relationship between the theoretical contents and the practices that are experienced at schools?



E8―Yes, the subjects that were exposed in classroom were put to practice in the observation at school.

E12―Yes, the examples focused on concrete situations.

E3―It was very hard, as the practices at school are far from being the “ideal type” that was proposed by studied authors.

E15―Vaguely, due to my scarce theoretical knowledge.


E3―Further theoretical studies or more observation time would be required.

E11―Yes. Completely. The things that were learned in class (the development theories, the way to understand the umanization process, etc.) changed my way to comprehend the concrete reality, and more specifically, the importance of learning for student development. I went to school and I could relate what I saw to what I had theoretically learned. I experienced, for example, that the methods of teachers is permeated and guided by the way through which he understands learning and development.