Question: What is your conception on dialogged lectures?



E1―They could be a little more explanatory and discussed, making comparisons with situations from our daily lives.

E3―Tiresome classes.

E8―Classes show clear and objective explanations for the texts that were previously read by the students, and reading them is fundamental before classes; from that point, it is possible to achieve more knowledge during classes.

E11―In general, they are good, but there were some classes left a very good impression. It was very significant to me.


E3―They are good, but as they are too long and theoretical, it is easy to lose focus and to get distracted by other things.

E9―They could be more interactive.

E2―Very good, a comment which helps understand contents.

E8―I liked them because they helped me a lot with my internship.

E4―Excellent classes, the discussions are always conducted in a very good way. Incredibly stimulant.

E12―I found the classes interesting, because the teacher showed that she mastered the discipline contents.