Subjects in an activity

Actions and operations


a) Organize the teaching and the collective work meetings; b) Supervise the action of monitors in the learning of teachership; c) Give dialogged lectures; d) Prepare the textbooks; e) Guide students’ study actions; f) Propose theoretical problems in accounts of life experiences of students at school; g) Individually or collectively clarify conceptual and/or practical doubts of students; h) Analyze students’ final papers, as the expression of their theoretical and practical learning.


a) Take part in collective work meetings with the teacher in charge; b) Follow up and guide study actions from students; c) Read and comment students’ learning records (weekly summaries of texts and portfolios to be studied); d) Take an active part in dialogged lectures; Give a dialogged lecture as a learning exercise in higher-education teachership; f) Individually or collectively clarify conceptual and/or practical doubts from students.


a) Study the contents of the program through the previous reading of texts that are indicated in the discipline corpus; b) Prepare weekly summaries of read texts individually (1 page)―answer to a study-orienting question; c) Take an active part in the theoretical reflections in the dialogged lecture; d) Take part in collective study and reflection actions (small groups) on the theoretical contents; e) Present a portfolio, at the end of each study axis, as a record for the learning and teaching process; f) Prepare (in duos) the final discipline paper, that is the record of the theoretical and practical analysis of school reality (the context in which they will be inserted as future teachers).