・ Allocating the required fund and financial schemes is top priority.

・ Allocating the required expertise by engaging and partnering with different experts that can help monitor and properly run and develop the proposed schemes.

・ Value engineering an important part to guarantee the financial and technical required efficiency provided.


・ Reward policy is important in order to attract and involve end-users.

・ Motivating end users by providing them with low interest funding schemes, and full return in case of low income.

・ Providing laws and regulations that can assure the compliance of the end-users to establish energy efficiency in their homes.

Time Plan

・ A combination of short term return and a long term commitment should be introduces.

・ Follow up and auditing is very important to take place on regular time intervals so that to assure the required quality.



・ Compulsive rules and regulation is a crucial element at this phase, where some sort of a deterrent law is required to assure that the proposed schemes are followed and properly utilised.

・ A reward policy is also required in order to guarantee the required compliance.

・ Setting an updated and comprehensive energy code for the residential sector.


Establish a partnership with;

・ Auditors and trained engineers to monitor and guarantee the quality.

・ Experienced professional and financial experts to provide workable targets.

・ Authority figures to monitor and report penalties or rewards when required.


・ Generating and setting proper rules and regulations.

・ Updating and monitoring the implementation of those laws.

・ Providing a proper energy code that has to be compulsory for use in the residential buildings, either renovation or new built.

・ Utilising experts and involving them in the auditing process.


Assure end-users compliance by providing;

・ Clear set of rules and regulation for them to follow.

・ Transparency in communicating the required targets and formulated updates.

・ Rewards and penalties to be clear and firmly executed.

Time Plan

・ A clear time plan with a set of intervals to be initiated and announced, so that when required; the penalties are executed on time and also the required rewards.