Author’s name

Study type/Country/Year

Reason for exclusion

Kozlowska, A [26]


This study focused on multivitamins, including folate. It did not focus in any section on folate as an independent factor that can impact gestational diabetes risk

Li, S [18]


This study did not measure folate intake. Instead, it used serum folate level to relate to the risk of developing gestational diabetes

Barzilay, E [28]


This study measured serum concentrations of one-carbon nutrients, not folate intake

Lai, JS [16]


This study tried to link serum concentrations of folate along with other vitamins to the risk of gestational diabetes

Araujo, JR


This study measured folate uptake by primary cultured cytotrophoblasts isolated from human placentas of patients with gestational diabetes and compared them to controls

Reece, EA


This review did not relate folic acid supplementation to the development of gestational diabetes, but it discussed the protective impact of folate on the risk of neural tube defects