Activity classification

Some concrete examples


Continuous sleep for more than 30 minutes; napping


Breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks

Personal chores

Washing; going to the toilet; bathing; changing clothes; make-up; haircut

Medical treatment or recuperation

Activities related to diagnosis of illness and its treatment; hospitalization and recuperation


Activities for gaining income, including preparation, clearing up, and commuting during work

Work-related association

Work-related association with senior staff, colleagues, and junior staff; welcome and farewell parties, etc.

Classes and school activities

Learning activities at school; morning assemblies; tidying up and cleaning of school; school events; school clubs; other extracurricular activities, etc.

Learning activities outside school

Learning activities at home and/or cram schools, homework

Cooking, cleaning, laundry

Preparing meals and snacks; clearing after meals; cleaning the house and yard; laundry (including ironing)


Shopping for food; clothing; and other daily necessities

Caring for children

Childcare; education; transporting children to and from school, etc.


Sorting things out; going to banks and public offices; nursing care for family members other than children

Commuting to work

Movement between home and place of work (including fields)

Commuting to school

Movement between home and school

Social obligations

PTA, local events; meetings; ceremonial occasions; volunteer activities

Conversation/Personal association

Conversation and association with family members, friends, relatives and acquaintances in person or by telephone or e-mail

Exercise and sports

Gymnastics, physical exercise, various types of sport and ball games

Outings and walks

Visits to sight-seeing spots and shopping centers; strolling in town; other walks; angling

Hobbies, entertainment, cultural activities

Hobbies including study to gain skills or qualifications, appreciation of arts and music, watching games; play; games

Internet as hobbies, entertainment, cultural activities

Using the Internet as hobby, for entertainment or play (other than e-mail)


Including the viewing of BS, CS, CATV, 1-seg



Reading morning and/or evening editions of newspapers, trade journals, public relations magazines and leaflets

Magazines, comic books, books

Reading of weekly or monthly magazines, comic (books), books and catalogs

CDs, tapes

Listening to music on audio media other than radio, such as CD, digital audio player, tape, or record

Videos, HDDs, DVDs

Watching videos, HDDs, DVDs (including recorded programs)


Resting, enjoying tea or between-meals snacks, doing nothing

Other activities

Activities other than those described above