1) The city of Zug (the capital of the canton of Zug) started accepting Bitcoin as payment for city fees. The large number of companies engaged in cryptocurrency is located in Crypto Valley in Zug.

2) Zug offers blockchain-based digital identity to their residents.

Since July 2016 (Crypto Valley was named by Ethereum co-founder Mihai Alisie).

Announced in 2017.


E-vox (Ethereum blockchain-based election platform).

Announced in 2016.

United Kingdom (UK)

1) The UK government’s Department of Work and Pensions tested an experiment in which a blockchain system is used to distribute welfare payments.

2) Blockchain as a service for each government department.

3) Blockchain-based digital currency.

4) Blockchain-based payment system between banks.

Announced in July 2016 and successfully finished trail system.

Available since August 2016.

UK’s Financial Conduct Authority permitted blockchain startup, Tramonex, to issue digital money.

Announced in 2017.

United States (US)

1) Pilot project for secure exchange of personal health data online.

2) Approving plan to issue stock via Bitcoin’s blockchain (Securities and Exchange Commission).

3) Arizona bill to make blockchain smart contracts “legal”.

4) Governor of Delaware has officially signed a bill making it explicitly legal for those entities to use blockchain for stock trading and record-keeping.

5) Illinois launches blockchain pilot to digitize birth certificates.

A two-year agreement for the tests was announced in 2016.

Announced in 2015.

Officially became state law in March 29, 2017.

Announced in July 2017.

Announced in Aug 31, 2017.