・ Prevention of fragile states falling into failure, preventative diplomacy that encourage inclusive institutions and the triage of fragile and failed states in global development agendas

・ International Community support for governments that support rule of law, security, basic policing, public health, multilateral governmental treaties and ethical and transparent governmental and banking practices

・ State supported safety nets to alleviate food insecurity through food programming (sustainable in the short term―not to encourage dependency)

・ Sustainable food aid through agricultural, technological and sustainable practices with educational access

・ Predictable, transparent and partnership oriented private sector policy involvement

・ Preparation to tackle the expected impacts of market manipulation and price shocks

・ Multilateral stakeholder policy that encourages investment that encourage environmental integrity, environmental infrastructure and environmental protection

・ Strengthening and supporting basic public health and hygiene infrastructure to citizens―to include primary healthcare access in the basic form of vaccines and potable water

・ Encourage democratic, sustainable and governmental policy that reverse fragile states and mitigate state failure

・ Institutional capacity building to increase resilience and adaptations to market and social shock

・ Building institutional capacity to manage environmental, economic and political shocks

・ Encouraging stability on both the short and long term to rule of law, institutional capacity building and democracy [54]

・ Food industry targets for under nutrition

・ Increase in public-private development