Key Factor


Access to food, equitable and consistent markets

Price shocks and price variability lead to supply disruption

Rural and agricultural infrastructure destroyed

A decrease in local supply and disruption in food distribution networks

Loss of livestock and access to arable land

Decrease in yields and caloric availability

Deforestation, desertification coupled with rising coastal levels and decreasing potable water tables

Climate change disruption of food availability, natural resource depletion and access to water for consumption

No consistent access to quality seed, farm technology or human capital

Cycle of poverty with poor access to basic technology and high yield seed

Migration and human flow: large influx of people into one region, out of another region

Market shock, rapid increase in food demand and price variability

The use of landmines and other explosive devices throughout arable land

Reduction in arable land access, increased risk of injury or death

The use of food as a weapon

When food resources and access are in scarcity, coercion of communities and populations can ensue [5]