Type of Question


Introductory Questions

Based on the information that you provided in the questionnaire, you spend an average 5 hours a day on social media, please explain briefly the context of your daily routine and purpose of using social media

Transition Questions

you said you are familiar with the (L123), and you have purchased luxury shoes before. Is that correct? #2: Do you pay attention if you notice (L123) advertisements on social media? If no: go to #3. If yes: why did it grab your attention? Would you click to open the advertisement? If yes: go to the next probe. If no: why not?

Key Questions

What would you identify in advertisement? Is it important to mention price in luxury brands advertisements? (see questions listed under #4)

Closing Questions

Before we conclude this interview, is there anything from your experience of online shopping from luxury retailer like (L123) that we did not talk about?