Pan et al. 2014 J Cross Cult Gerontol

Knowledge and Attitudes About Parkinson’s Disease Among a Diverse Group of Older Adults

Focus group 75 total participants African-American 48% White 31% Chinese-American 21% Survey group 154 participants African-American 31% White 40% Chinese-American 29%

Community members were found to have a lower level of knowledge about PD compared to PD support group members.

Chan et al. 2014 JAMA Neurology

Disparities in Access to Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery for Parkinson Disease

White 82.50% African American 6.54% Hispanic 6.74% Asian/Pacific Islander 2.16% Native American 0.33% Other 2.15%

4.7% of all PD discharges that were African Americans, 0.1% were DBS related discharges.