Vernacular name

Nutritional Use

Medicinal use

Other use


Abbey (brofièssa), Baoulé (saha), Agni (essah), Lobi (cacadrou) Senoufo (gnangbanne) Attié (assanin cornin) Tagbanan (taa gnabi) Djimini (tagbessé) Senoufo (gnangbanne)

Beverage (tea, liqueur) Juice, ginger pastilles, spice for dishes Seasoning (marinade), stimulates appetite

Rheumatism, wounds, tonsillitis, cough, weight loss, fever, stimulates appetite, facilitates digestion, relieves painful periods, vomiting

Essential oil, aroma, Ointment (to strip the skin)


Adjoukrou (konnin), Baoulé (saha oclé)

Beverage (tea), aroma, spice seasoning

Essential oil, soap, ointment (to strip the skin), face mask, teeth whitening