Medicinal plants

Traditional uses

Wild sarsaparilla or rabbit root

(Aralia nudicaulis L.)

“Only the outer layer of the bark on the root is used. The root is chewed and it gives you energy. It is good for men. It is good for blood circulation and is used in heart mixture. It is a blood circulation medicine. Same family as ginseng. You can chop the root until you have a powder and drink as tea. You should dry the roots in the sun.”

Wild red raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.)

“The roots are good for women. Women medicine. You chop the roots, grind them until you have a powder. Drink as tea. It cleans internal sexual organs for fertility.”

Prairie rose or rose hips

(Rosa arkansana Porter)

“The red and ripe berries are high in vitamin C. The bark is good for eye sickness. It will give you an ‘itchy ass’ if you eat the berries when they are not ripe. You dry the plant, peel the bark off and grind it until it looks like powder. Drink it as tea.”