○ All grade III DCIS

○ Male DCIS

○ Concurrent diagnosis of invasive or micro-invasive breast cancer in either breast prior to randomization

○ Documented mass on examination or imaging at the site of DCIS prior to biopsy yielding diagnosis of DCIS

○ Bloody nipple discharge or skin changes associated with DCIS

○ Mammographic finding of BI-RADS 4 or greater within 6 months of registration at site other than that of known DCIS, without pathological assessment

○ Use of investigational cancer agents within 6 weeks prior to diagnosis

○ Any serious and/or unstable pre-existing medical, psychiatric or other existing condition that would prevent compliance with the trial or consent process

○ Pregnancy

○ Documented history of prior tamoxifen, aromatase inhibitor, or raloxifene in last 6 months