○ Presence of mass, increased density around calcifications, architectural distortion, stellate lesion on mammography

○ Presence of bilateral DCIS

○ Presence of Paget’s disease, invasive breast cancer, or pleomorphic LCIS

○ Presence of symptomatic DCIS e.g. DCIS detected by palpation or nipple discharge

○ Presence of synchronous invasive carcinoma in the contralateral breast

○ Prior history of invasive breast cancer or DCIS

○ Prior history of other cancer except carcinoma in situ of the cervix or basocellular carcinoma of the skin

○ Presence of serious disease that precludes definitive surgical treatment (e.g. cardiovascular/pulmonary/renal disease

○ Individual with a family member with a known gene mutation associated with increased risk of breast cancer, unless study participant is a proven non-carrier of mutation

○ Presence of pregnancy or breast-feeding

○ Presence of any psychological, familial, sociological or geographical condition potentially hampering compliance with the study protocol and follow-up schedule; those conditions should be discussed with the patient before registration in the trial