○ Women of age > or = 45 years

○ Any menopausal status

○ Calcifications only lesions, detected by population-based or opportunistic screening mammography

○ Within twelve weeks of detection at least six 12 G biopsies (or the equivalent of six 12 G needles) need to be taken from the area of the calcification:

○ This implies at least 7 cc volume irrespective of supplier, or at least three 8G, four 9G, five 10G or five 11G biopsy needles need to be taken to meet LORD’s eligibility criteria

○ Whatever needle size is applied, it is essential to confirm that the biopsies contain representative calcifications via biopsy radiography, microscopy, or both

○ Any size DCIS

○ Marker placement at biopsy site(s) in the breast

○ Good correlation between pathological and radiological findings i.e. both findings confirm low-risk DCIS and no suspicion of high-grade DCIS or invasive breast cancer

○ Prior surgery of the ipsilateral breast because of a benign lesion allowed

○ ASA score 1 or 2

○ Before patient registration/randomization, written informed consent must be given according to ICH/GCP, and national/local regulations