Acts of elder abuse

1. Physical Abuse

Subjected to physical violence (e.g., hitting, beating, punching)

Restrained physically

Restrained by improper dispensing of medicine


2. Neglect

Provided with an inadequate/insufficient diet

Made to live in a poor environment

Left with a soiled body or dirty clothes

Refused necessities such as clothing, eyeglasses, hearing aids

Medical treatment is withheld

Refused financial support

Abandoned outside his/her home

3. Psychological Abuse

Subjected to a torrent of verbal abuse (e.g., bellowing, cursing, saying something bad)

Intentionally ignored (e.g., not talking to the elderly, not having dinner with the elderly)

Estranged from his/her family

Insulted, ridiculed

Made to feel anxiety

Treated like a child

Humiliated in front of others

Intimidated, threatened

4. Sexual Abuse

Inappropriately sexually touched without his/her consent

Forced to discuss sex-related topics

Forced to watch sexual images or videos

Left undressed

5. Economic Abuse

Assets (e.g., savings, property) are disposed of/used without his/her consent

Kept from managing/using his/her own assets

Forced into issuing or changing the content of documents, such as power of attorney, will, deeds, or others

6. Self-Neglect

Doesn’t keep himself/herself clean

Lives in an inappropriate environment

Neglects diet

Wears inappropriate clothing

Fails to seek necessary medical care

Doesn’t interact with others

Can’t properly use money or manage bank deposit records

Disregards his/her surroundings or own belongings

7. Social Abuse

Forbidden or restricted from contacting friends, relatives, and neighbors

Letters/phones are monitored or the elderly person’s communications are restricted

Monitored and restricted with regard to use of transportation

Restricted in access to health care facilities