Study Participants

Participant recruitment procedures

Study inclusion criteria

Informed consent process

Assessment sessions (Pre & Post intervention)

Study outcome measures

Randomization procedures

Study Investigators

Suitable investigators in terms of qualifications, experience

Facilities do the investigators have at the Reh-Fit Centre

Weekly reminder

Responding to participants plans

Appointment for the sessions

Study Process

Retention rate

Adherence rate

Dropout rate

Fixing appointment for twice a week training sessions

Participants have the time to perform the dual-task training

Data Management

Managing the study at the Reh-Fit centre

Entering data into computer

Maintaining additional training program equipment for replacement

Treatment safety with the training program

Difficulties encountered with the program

Participants recommendation to the program

Power and Sample Size

How frequently does the outcome occur in the population

Expected range of the outcome, sample variance

The variability of other variables