Programme 1: Global Carnivore Programme

Promotes carnivore species conservation by delivering projects and strategies at continental level. Founded in 2007 as a joint initiative by several organisations, the small team (mostly female) is led by a woman supported by directors and coordinators in partner organisations.

Programme 2: Mammal Conservation Programme in South Asia

A multidisciplinary collaborative project conserving endangered mammals through captive breeding, habitat restoration and reintroduction. It was founded in the early 1990s and led by a man. Although a relatively small organisation, it is considered a highly influential programme in South Asia.

Programme 3: Island Community Programme (Agriculture, Reforestation and Marine)

Focused on sustainable landscapes in partnership with local communities through rural development (agriculture), marine (coastal fisheries), reforestation, biodiversity conservation, and ecotourism. Located off the East African coast and founded in 2013, it is led by a man with a majority male leadership team and 60 staff.

Programme 4: Caribbean NGO

Established in 1995 (revised in 2010) to promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods, it is led by a woman (the only employee) supported by volunteers. It established a marine PA, wildlife monitoring, environmental education, and invasive species control.

Programme 5: North African Community Agroforestry

Promotes sustainable development for local communities using a participatory approach to increase people’s income, capacity (skills) and support of environmental conservation. The programme has planted millions of trees and the outcomes include visibly changed landscapes in remote rural areas. It was founded in 2000, it is led by a man with 22 staff plus a network of volunteers.

Programme 6: Madagascar Community Protected Area project

Aims to improve communities’ livelihood, aligned with environmental conservation and sustainable resource use. It was established in the early 2000s is led by a woman and has 15 staff members. A significant achievement was the creation of the community-managed PA.

Programme 7: Southeast Asian Community Fisheries Project

Preserves nature and ecosystem services in an important Asian freshwater system, building law enforcement and community support for biodiversity and environmental conservation. Founded in 2010 and led by a woman, its 26 employees work with community participants.

Programme 8: UK Bird Reintroduction

This utilises a flagship bird species to promote coastal restoration in a programme founded in 2012, as a partnership between several organisations. Led by a woman, the programme’s activities focused on habitat restoration (state and private land) and species conservation.

Programme 9: Brazilian Forest Programme

A state programme that promotes forest conservation and local livelihoods through sustainable practice in a region of high importance to biodiversity. The programme is led by a man with a team of 9 staff (all public employees). Activities include promotion of landowners’ engagement (forestry, agriculture) in new practices, monitoring and management.