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Representation of international capital

Relationship between neo-fascism and international capital

Role of the Left

Means & Ida, 2022

Jeff Bezos e Elon Musk

They take the world’s ecology towards the precipice, they dream of planetary escape; space colonization (Empire to the entire galaxy); fantasies of eternal capital accumulation, driven by education and technology; Artificial Intelligence (AI) economics and education as a retraining; in the imagination of right-wing movements, education is a palingenetic trait; decline in public investment; compulsory debt and the drive to privatize and standardize education systems.

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Noonan, 2020


Trump is not the cause of the decline of the cosmopolitan liberal-capitalist world, he is an effect of its decay and failure; Trump’s critics focus on his rhetoric rather than the realities of strategic competition.

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Opratko et al., 2020

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The state should be the institution to lead the way out of the economic crisis, providing financial support to the economy or offering compensation to companies and the unemployed people.

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Pertwee, 2020

Leaders and Organizations: Geert Wilders (Dutch Freedom Party); Anne Marie Waters (For Britain Party); Raheem Kassam (Breitbart London); Ezra Levant (Canadian Rebel Media); David Horowitz (Freedom Center - DHFC); Brigitte Gabriel (ACT for America); Jamie Glazov (FrontPage); David Yerushalmi (Society of Americans for National Existence and the American Freedom Law Center); Lars Hedegaard (Free Press Society); Milo Yiannopoulous (“Gamergate”); Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch) and Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs). Organizations: Football Lads Alliance; European “identitary” movement (English alt-right); American Middle East Forum (MEF); Proud Boys; Pegida (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West); Center for Security Policy (CSP); United West; Clarion Project; Stop Islamization of Nations; International Civil Liberties Alliance. Political Parties: United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP); British National Party (BNP). Public Figures: Paul Gosar; Filip de Winter; Kent Ekeroth; Jérôme Rivière and Debbie Robinson; Donald Trump Jr.; Steve Bannon; Gavin McInnes; Nina Rosenwald; Alan Dershowitz; Daniel Finkelstein; Peder Jensen (“Fjordman”); Martin Sellner; Jared Taylor; Ted Cruz; Mike Pompeo. Funders: Richard Mellon Scaife; Lynde and Harry Bradley; Newton D. & Rochelle F. Becker; Charitable Trust; Russell Berrie Foundation; Rosenwald Family Fund; Alan and Hope Winters Family Foundation; Fairbrook Foundation; Donors Capital Fund.

Different ways to finance neo-fascist actions and mobilizations.

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Robinson, 2019

Emerging Transnational Capitalist Class (TCC).

The fight against fascism is necessarily a fight against the TCC; at the heart of 21st century fascism is the triangulation of transnational capital with reactionary and repressive political power in the state and neo-fascist forces in civil society; the emerging fascist projects of the 21st century are a response to the crisis; neo-fascist projects are an attempt to recast the legitimacy of the State.

Present a clear left-wing alternative that is not just about managing the capitalist state and its crisis.

Álvarez & Chase-Dunn, 2019

1% of the rich and large corporations as responsible for the economic crises and austerity policies of the 21st century.

The global right has been effective largely because it has constructed its own enemies as “the globalists”, “the system” and “immigrants”.

Diagonalism; naming the predators of the transnational corporate class and the neo-fascist and populist global right.

Moghadam, 2019

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Tobin tax on speculative capital and similar taxes on international financial transactions; dismantling offshore banking operations (“tax, legal, and banking havens”); codifying rights to employment, social security, and equality between women and men; promoting fair trade and

protecting cultural heritage; establishing a country’s right to agricultural and food sovereignty; prohibiting patents on knowledge belonging to living beings; de-privatizing the commons; public policies prohibiting discrimination, sexism, racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism; ending environmental destruction; dismantling all foreign military bases; the right of free access to information and support for non-profit media; horizontalism.

Martins, 2019

Five monopolies:

1) The new technologies;

2) The monetary standard and international financial flows;

3) Access to the planet’s natural resources;

4) The Media;

5) Weapons of mass destruction.

Contradictions of the neoliberal globalization project are linked to the emergence of neo-fascism

Fifth International (international center-left, able to gather revolutionaries and reformists around them).

Askanius & Mylonas, 2015

The financial crisis.

The crisis: main problem is multiculturalism; the crisis is seen as a product of several decades of failed policies and indecision by politicians in areas related to immigration; the crisis is seen as a “Greek mess” (Greece as the rotten apple of Europe) and austerity policies as inevitable, necessary and fair; they disregard the systemic nature of the crisis and the one-sided pro-market policy of the European Union, the European Central Bank and IMF program of fiscal austerity and structural reforms implemented in the so-called PIIGS countries (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain); eschatological notions, supported and dramatized by racist statements, construct a legitimization of the resurgence of fascism as a form of “final solution” for Greece and, ultimately, for the world at large.

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Testa & Armstrong, 2008

Political careers are synonymous with soccer club positions;

Membership campaigns that required a signature and produced a membership card;

Direttivi (organizing councils) composed of those who, having learned organizational skills in the political sphere, now pour those energies into the soccer sphere.

Authority was based on charisma and a sense of morality; Resistance to national judicial systems; Opposed to globalization (but enjoying the skills of a foreign football player); They despise the commercial logic of contemporary elite football, but cannot distance themselves from the spectacle it offers; Disdainful of materialistic pursuits of efficiency and seek abstract qualities (faith, courage and the figure of the hero/warrior).

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