Litter Types


Plastic bottles, straws (plastic), black plastic bags, white plastic bags, caps/lids, glass bottles, pure water sachet, balloons, metal cans, cigarette packaging/ wrappers, crown corks, disposable plates and spoons, khebab sticks, pieces of cigarettes, footwear pieces, clothing/textile, used condoms, syringes, used diapers, toys, plastic cups, food wrappers, flip-flops, batteries, charcoal, coconut husk, comb, fruit peels, kenkey peels, bags, used sanitary towels, aluminium foil, newspaper/magazine pieces, bandages, umbrellas, paper drink packs, toothbrush.


Fishing net, rope, strapping bands, incandescent bulb, seaweed.


Nails, cardboard pieces, glass pieces, metal pieces, plastic containers, Styrofoam pieces, pieces of foam, bones, car tyres.