Four Dimensions


Brief Analysis

Products or Services

Value Proposition

The “Policy + Entity” mode provides the health services by connecting insurance products and old-age care communities.

Marketing Strategy

Customer Segmentation

It aims mainly at old people with higher requirements for the old-age quality.

Channel Access

The channel is mainly uses the business outlets and agents to sell.

Customer Relationships

Social reputation and providing pension consultants for the elderly are used to maintain customer relationships.

Resource Management

Core Resources

Steady insurance funds and pension community entities provide a material basis for the stable operation of the aged community.

Key Businesses

It mainly sells insurance products linked to the old-age care communities, and offers diversified care services and professional medical services.

Important Partnerships

Networks of partnerships with well-known medical institutions has been established to provide advanced medical treatment for the aged community.

Financial Ability

Cost Structure

It is mainly composed of fixed cost (equipment maintenance, salary) and variable cost (operation management).

Revenue Sources

It is from the fees of the purchasing insurance, service fee, and the rental fee of the property.