Four Dimensions


Brief Description

Products or Services

Value Proposition

The company provides a variety of optional products or services for a specific group of customers, seeking a resonance point to meet the diverse and individual needs of customers.

Marketing Strategy

Customer Segmentation

After identifying the target customer groups, the company classifies the customer according to certain conditions.

Channel Access

The way that companies approach customers and deliver value propositions to their customers.

Customer Relationships

Companies need to maintain an appropriate relationship with their customers to increase sales.

Resource Management

Core Resources

Real assets, financial assets, intellectual assets or human resources.

Key Businesses

Which businesses are needed to support company’s value proposition, channel access, customer relationships, and revenue sources.

Important Partnerships

Companies create a range of partnerships for value activities of clients needed.

Financial Capabilities

Cost Structure

The various cost distributions that companies need to spend in order to operate a business model efficiently.

Revenue Sources

Profit mode and the main source of profits.