Focus on changes in the strategic content

focuses on the synergetic evolution of organizational structure and management mode caused by strategic transformation

Due to major changes in the environment or a major failure in operation and management, in order to seek for the survival and development in the future, enterprises completely abandon the original strategic logic and framework and fundamentally re-establish their business strategy.

In order to maintain long-term survival, enterprise organizations take a continuous and nonlinear transformation in the form of business strategy, which can lead to the coordinated evolution of structure and organization.

The essence of strategic transformation is to reconfigure, integrate and manage resources, change original resources and form new business models, so that the system is structured and hierarchical, from disorder to order, from lower order to higher level.

The strategic transformation of enterprises is also a multi-dimensional variable that includes both the changes of the product and the market scope as well as the adjustment of the organizational structure and management mode.

The essence of enterprise strategic transformation is the process that enterprises make fundamental changes in the strategic content or shape of enterprises in response to the change of complex dynamic environment and the competitive advantage of seeking survival and development in the future, combining their own resources and capabilities.

Strategic transformation mainly refers to a strategic action that aims to achieve the matching between the elements of strategic organization and change the original strategic elements or structure, so as to change the strategic positioning or strategic formulation process.

Under circumstances of major changes in the environment or the key turning point of management and operation, in order to seek their own survival and development, enterprises completely abandon the original strategic logic and framework, fundamentally re-establish the enterprise strategy and ensure the effective implementation of the strategy, make it can adapt to changes in the environment or overcome operational crisis, to achieve sustainable development.

Do not switch industry can also realize strategic transformation, in the sense that the upgrading in the original industries is the real transformation, the strategic transformation is the transformation of strategic thinking, framework, logic and mode, and it is not the transformation of the industry.

Strategic transformation is a way to change the key characteristics of an organization in order to cope with changes in internal and external environment and make use of new technologies and actions to transform the form and content of enterprise strategy.