Article abstract

Noci [12]

Economic performance, Physical performance (energy consumption)

Sarkis [13]

Life-cycle analysis, Design for the environment, Total quality environmental management, GSC & ISO 14,000 certificates and requirements

Azzone and Noci [15]

Green image, External environmental effectiveness, Environmental flexibility, Green capability, Current environmental efficiency, Net life-cycle cost

Sarkis, Zhu et al. [29]

Environmental certification, Eco design, Clean technologies, Utilizing environmental-friendly materials, Parking return and reuse, Waste management, Reducing environmental emissions

Handfield et al. [14]

ISO 14,000 certificate, Recycle content, Participating in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) non-mandatory programs, Public disclosure of environmental record

Humphreys et al. [16]

Green design, Green image, Manage capability, Environmental management and competencies

Zhu et al. [22]

Performance in environmental issues, economic performance issues, Eco-design, ISO 14000 certified, GSCM Commitment by high-ranking managers

Hsu and Hu [10]

Ability of green designing, Green purchasing, Green materials coding, Hazardous substance management, Provision inventory of hazardous materials, Environmental management, Competency of legal compliance

Lee et al. [30]

Green image, Environmental management, Green capability, Green product, Green packaging, Pollution control, Total product life cycle cost

Kuo et al. [31]

Eco design, Ozone depleting substances, Restriction and control over hazardous substances, Environmental management certification

Awasthi et al. [19]

Utilizing environmental-friendly technology, Applying environmental-friendly materials, Partnership with green organizations, Green market share, Applying environmental policies, Staff training, Design for the environment, Lean process planning, Environmental certification, Pollution controls, Pollution production, Resource consumption

Bai and Sarkis [17]

Environmental management systems, Resource consumption, Pollution production, Resource consumption

Yeh and Chuang [20]

Green design, Application of GSCM, Green image, Recycling of products, Environmental performance evaluation, Pollution treatment cost

Tseng and Chiu [18]

Environmental certificates (e.g. ISO 14,000), Design for the environment, Total quality environment management, Life-cycle analysis, Green production plan, Green purchasing, Reduction in hazardous substances, Environmental management system, Environmentally preferable bidding, Innovativeness of R & D green products

Govindan et al. [24]

Eco design, Resource consumption, Environmental management system, Pollution production