Ÿ Clinical approach to cardiovascular risk assessment using the ATPIII guidelines and Framingham point scores

Ÿ Bronchial asthma assessment in children and adults (severity and control)

Ÿ Use of inhalers and expiratory peak flow meters

Ÿ Management of dysfunctional uterine bleeding

Ÿ Management of a woman presenting with amenorrhea

Ÿ Management of polycystic ovary diseases in the clinics

Ÿ Management of a child presenting with fever with or without skin rash

Ÿ Management of a child presenting with abdominal pain

Ÿ Management of a coughing child

Ÿ Dealing with parents presenting with a child who is not eating well/ failing to thrive

Ÿ Children with otitis media and tonsillitis

Ÿ Describing a skin lesion

Ÿ Acne vulgaris modalities of management in family medicine

Ÿ Management of hair loss in men/women

Ÿ Commonly presenting skin fungal infections in primary care

Ÿ Referral letter writing

Ÿ Rationalizing resources

Ÿ Doctor-patient communication