Government employment

Men, women

· Inadequate employment opportunities

· Low education levels

· Provision of bursaries for college education

Livestock (chicken, goats and ducks)

All Gender

· Children missing school

· Conflicts between farmers and livestock keepers

· Human/wildlife conflict

· Drought and inadequate water

· Lack of veterinary services and the high cost of drugs

· Insufficient land for grazing and modern animal feed

· Insecurity

· Lack of finance

· Lack of ownership by women

· The long-distance involved scaring away women

· Loss of livestock

· Poor market and diseases

· Women have to balance between livestock keeping with other duties

· Construction of a slaughterhouse

· Control influx of livestock from other counties

· Designation of grazing areas away from farms

· Ensure proper housing and disease control

· Establish a market for livestock

· Establishment of pasture sources

· Exploring other alternatives such as irrigation farming

· Fence farms

· Fencing of the dam

· Form marketing cooperatives and promote livestock marketing schemes

· Construct a slaughterhouse to enhance value addition

· Government to improve security and culprits to be punished

· Introduce poultry farming

· Keeping hybrid animal breeds

· Livestock offtake programs supported by proper animal stocking

· Avail and lower price of drugs, vaccines and pesticides

· Planting livestock feeds and feed storage

· Provision of grazing land

· Provision of water and specific watering points

· Strengthening local ranches

· To obtain funds through loans.

· Use of indigenous knowledge

· Veterinary officers to be available


Men, Boys

· Inadequate employment opportunities

· Low wages

· Increase wages

· Establishment of village polytechnics

Mitumba* business


· Unreliable markets

· Availability of markets

Relief food

Men, Women, Old men and Old Women

· Only given to a targeted group of age

· Not reliable and quantities insufficient

· Making more people benefit

· Improve farming


Men, Women, Old Men and Old Women

· Not predictable

· Not enough to meet the needs of the beneficiary

· Delay in disbursement

· A small fraction of beneficiaries

· Huge transaction cost

· Separation and break up of families

· Increase employment opportunities

· Take children to school to get a good paying job

Sale of milk

Boys, Women and Old Women

· Lack of pasture

· Drought

· Low milk production

· Poor handling of milk

· Price fluctuation

· Provision of ice cubes and cool boxes

· Purchase of milk handling equipment

· Organize groups into cooperatives for milk business

Sale of forest products

Men and Women

· Low market and poor prices

· Government regulations

· Exposure to dangerous snakes and insects

· Create awareness on forest access regulations

· Encourage value addition and provide a market for products

Sale of water

Women and Men

· Inadequate supply

· Drilling of wells and distributing piped water