Livelihood source

Gender involved in the production

Challenges faced

Means of enhancing livelihood


Women, Old Men and Old Women

· Difficulty in obtaining raw material, poor market and exploitation by middlemen

· Inaccessibility of villages by buyers and poor road network

· Establish a trial plot for growing trees that produce basket making raw materials

· Source for a reliable market


Men and Women

· Theft of hives and honey,

· Inadequate skills on beekeeping and use of traditional methods

· Transport cost to the market and poor prices

· Long drought spell hindering flowering of plants

· Lack of modern beekeeping equipment and adequate protective harvesting gear

· Provide farmers with harvesting equipment, training on modern beekeeping technologies, especially women and provide more beehives

· Provision of water

· Construction of an apiary

· Prevent forest fires

· Promote afforestation programmes

Bodaboda (Motorbike transport business)

Boys and Men

· Activity is halted during the rainy season

· Too many motorbikes leading to a few customers and low income

· Operators lack licenses

· Lack of a fuelling Centre and spare parts in the village

· Poor road network

· The high cost of fuel

· Improve road network

· Train riders, issue them with licenses, organize them into riders cooperative societies

· Riders to be

· Create more income-generating activities

· Government to regulate fuel prices

BGOKers (middlemen)

Girls, Boys, Men, Women and Old Men.

· School drop out

· Drug abuse

· Early marriage

· Laziness and ignorance

· Provide skills

· Create awareness


Girls, Boys, Men and Women

· School drop out

· Drug abuse

· Early marriage

· Laziness and ignorance

· Low business

· Less money in the village

· Poor and expensive transport means

· Wild animals prevent easy access to forest products

· Impact modern business skills, especially to youth to engage in business and gainful employment

· Provide capital and skills

Cash transfers

Children, Old men and Old Women

· Irregular and delayed remittance

· Few beneficiaries

· Expensive to access due to long distances to the market centre

· Take children to school to get a good paying job

· Create local employment opportunities

· Monitor to ensure government cash transfers reach recipients

· Have more beneficiaries

Casual labour

Girls, Boys, Men, Women and Old Men

· Lack of skills, low wages and poor working conditions

· Less farm work due to drought

· Lack of employment opportunities

· Poor working conditions and lack of insurance covers

· Child labour and defilement

· Overworking

· Unwanted pregnancies

· Increase wages

· Establish small industries to create more employment

· Build a polytechnic to improve skills

· value addition I

· Provide capital

Charcoal burning

Boys, Men and Women

· Inadequate skills in charcoal burning, poor technology, poor markets and prices

· Government regulations and police harassment

· Unavailability of medical facilities in case of injury

· Deforestation and destruction of animal habitat

· Risk of burns and health complications

· Community sensitization on environment conservation

· Training on appropriate charcoal production technologies and produce charcoal sustainably

· Organize community into Charcoal Producer Associations (CPAs)

· Advocate for improved prices and designate market points

· Undertake re-afforestation