Rank A indicators: Rich

· Ability to educate children up to college level

· Able to give a tithe

· Assists the public

· Has a maize milling machine

· Has three children

· Has the title for his land

· His decisions and authority are not opposed

· Income level of at least ksh. 300,000 p.a

· permanent house build with stones and tin-roofed house

· Ownership of 2 - 5 or more boats and fishing nets among the fishing villages of Moa and Ozi

· Ownership of vehicle/s and motorbikes

· Owns 100 and 1000 herds of cattle

· Own between 10 and 200 goats

· Own between 50 and 400 sheep

· Owns a big shop, including a hardware

· Owns a business-shop, water vending kiosk, etc

· Own a farm of between 4 to more 15 acres with title

· Owns a ranch

· Permanent employment

· Owns rental houses in urban centres

· Takes three or 4 meals a day and can eat anytime he/she wishes

· Travel using a vehicle, motorbike or Tuktuk

· Use of at least 4 to 10 acres of land for farming in the farming villages

Rank B indicators: Moderately rich

· Ability to educate children either to primary or diploma level

· Casual employment

· Have enough food and most take three meals a day with a few taking four meals

· Farms five acres

· Could have; a permanent house build with stones and tin-roofed, or grass-thatched and mud-walled house or house tin-roofed and earthen floor

· Has farming tractor

· Has four children

· Has one rental house

· Has two households (two wives)

· Income level of between ksh. 100,000 - 250,000 p.a

· Ownership of a motorbike or a car

· Ownership of between 100 - 800 livestock among pastoral communities

· Owns a motorbike

· Owns at least50 and 200 goats

· Own between 30 and 250 sheep

· Owns a shop

· Owns five acres without title

· Runs a small shop and butchery

· Ownership of between 1 - 4 boats among the fishing villages

· Travels using motorbike but occasionally walk

· Use of at least 5 acres of land for farming in the farming villages

Rank C Well-being indicators: Poor

· Cannot give a tithe

· Casual worker

· Engages in the small scale business

· Has five children

· Has no farm

· House-made of mud and tin-roofed or mud-walled and grass-thatched hut

· Income level of between ksh. 50,000 - 100,000 p.a

· Take children up to primary level, but a few may educate children up to secondary with bursary support

· Meets his/her basic needs through a struggle

· Mostly travels on foot but occasionally uses a motorbike

· Own between 20 - 50 goats

· Owns a bicycle with a few owning at least a motorbike

· Ownership of between 30 - 100 livestock among the pastoral communities.

· Owns 5 and 20 sheep

· Owns a boat and fishing net of 400 to 800 yards

· Owns a farm of 1 acre

· Owns five chicken

· Owns less than 10 cows

· Sell milk and fried potatoes

· Takes 2 meals per day with some taking three meals a day

· Use of at least 2 acres of land for farming in the farming villages

Rank D Wellbeing indicators: Very poor

· Cannot afford bus fare but walks to all places

· Cannot take his children to school, but a few parents take their children up to primary with the support of relatives

· Does not have enough food and takes one meal a day

· Getting clothing is difficult

· Owns no land and in case he/she has it is less than 1 acre with no ownership documents, others have access to ½ acre for farming and rely on rain-fed agriculture

· Grass thatched house with incomplete mud wall with some are accommodated by neighbours and relatives.

· Has many children

· Has no cattle or goats but few own 1 sheep, 10 Chickens, 2 Cows, 7 Sheep and 8 Goats

· Has no respect from the community

· Income level of approximately ksh 15,000 p.a

· Lack of (No ownership) fishing boats among the fishing villages

· Lack of (No ownership) land for farming in the farming villages

· Not assured of a meal and often times goes without a meal or eats once per day

· Not employed

· Ownership of a bicycle by a few

· Purely casual employees as they lack alternative sources of income

· Sales charcoal and firewood

· Survives through support from the community and tokens