Mains letters

c Volume heat of air (J∙m−3∙K−1)

C Spécifique heat (J/Kg/K)

D Dubinin-Astakhov parameter

Dm Diameter (m)

E Activation energy (J)

ep Thickness (m)

F Form factor

G Global solar flux (W/m2)

h Thermal transfer coefficient W/(m2∙K)

I Incident solar flux (W/m2)

k Mass transfer coefficient

L Latent heat (J/kg)

L Characteristic length (m)

M Mass (kg)

m Adsorbate concentration/kg of adsorbent

N Air renewal rate (h−1)

n Dubinin-Astakhov parameter

P Pressure (Pa)

Q Quantity of cold product (J)

Qtota Heat provides adsorber (J)

R Characteristic constant of gas

Ra Rayleigh number

S Surface (m2)

T Temperature (K)

t Time (s)

U Flow velocity (m/s)

V Wind velocity (m/s)

Vol Volume (m3)

w Adsorption capacity (m3)

ΔH Isosteric heat of adsorption (J/kg)

Δx Section (m)

Δm Mass cycled (kg/kg)

Greek Letters

α Coefficient of absorption

ε Adsorption potential

λ Thermal conductivity W/(m∙K)

σ Constant of Boltzmann

ρ Density (kg/m3)

ϕ Exchange by renewal air

φ Flux density


ads Adsorption

c Conduction

cv Convection

des Desorption

r Radiation

x Transfer mode


air Air

airh Habitat air

amb Ambient

cw Cooling unit wall

cwo External wall of cooling unit

cwi Internal wall of cooling unit

cd Condenser

cond Condensation

e Methanol

ev Evaporator

eva Evaporation

f Fluid

g Regeneration

h Habitat wall

hex External wall of habitat

hin Internal wall of habitat

m Mixture zeolite/methanol

max Maximum

min Minimum

p inner small wall

pi Inner face of small wall

pe Outer face of small wall

sky Sky

soil Soil

z Zeolite