Methodology/technique (Evaluated variables)


Author [Ref.]

Mathematical model based on Matlab (solar radiation, PV-array, pumped water)

The amount of pumped water is directly proportional to the pumping time for the same solar radiation value.

Gad [78]

Mathematical model and simulation (PV-array, efficiency of PV-array, efficiency of overall system)

Submersible pump should be selected in order to operate with maximum system efficiency considering the latitude of the region, season and effective costs. Such costs can be reduced based on the use of mobile PVWPS.

Ramazan [79]

Algorithm to estimate the long term monthly performance of a PVWPS (flow rate)

Has a nonlinear dependence on insolation by using average monthly solar insolation input data and estimated the total monthly volume of water pumped with hourly simulation.

Loxsom & Durongkaveroj [87]

Mathematical linear model (for determining the cost-effective technology options and the energy required for irrigation)

The developed model is solved for typical conditions that exist in India, and it is shown that there are conditions in which alternative energy technologies make economic sense.

Sinha [88]

Maximum power point tracking algorithm and the losses in the induction motor (efficiency of photovoltaic conversion)

With the optimization technique developed it was possible to obtain a gain of 8% in the input power.

Corrêa et al. [89]

Neuro-fuzzy controller (energy control and management in agriculture)

If there is a surplus power it can be stored in the battery which in turn will add the power density of the system as a whole.

Khiareddine et al. [90]

Perturbation and Observation, Fuzzy Logic Controller and Neuro-Fuzzy Algorithm (time response at maximum power point operation)

The Neuro-Fuzzy algorithm showed better strength through response time (4.625 hrs) with efficiency of 79%.

Rahrah et al. [91]

LLP method (electric power of the motor (Pm) with volume flow rate and head)

Is possible to use a photovoltaic water pumping system for small-scale irrigation with an area smaller than 2 ha of crops in Algerian Sahara regions.

Hamidat & Benyocef [92]