(first-level indicators)

Criterion (second-level indicators)

Scheme (three-level indicators)

Investment Ability

Funds C1

Proportion C11

Financing amount per capita C12

Applying amount per capita C13

Facilities C2

Number of sites C21

Site area C22

Personnel C3

Full-time staff C31

Part-time staff C32

Proportion of high educated staff C33

Productive Ability

Transmission C4

Circulation of newspapers, books, journals C41

Circulation of CD C42

Show time of radio and TV C43

Online clicking rate C44

Activities C5

Participator number C51

Activity number C52

Participation per capita C53

Opening time of sites C54

Supporting Ability

Innovative management C6

Innovative strategy C61

Innovative mechanism C62

Innovative policy C63

Operation efficiency of innovative group C64

Technological innovation C7

Independent innovative product rate C71

Market share C72